1. How can I quickly add a sub-category?
    Go to the category where you want to add a sub-category, and click the CAT+ button.

    Click on the image to zoom.

    The CAT+ button will do two things: It will take you to the new category admin screen and it will pre-select the parent category, the one you were you initiated the request. And after adding the category, it will pre-select again the parent category in the new blank screen. Zen adds all these little automation features where relevant to make category management and post entry easier and faster.
  2. How do I find a particular category?
    The fastest way to find a category is to search the category navigator in the Zen Archive page, if both are enabled, and type the category name in the “Search category navigator,” where it will take no more than two keystrokes to find a category item.

    Click on the image to zoom.

    Click image to zoom.

    Note: You will only see categories and post counts you have access to. Those requiring higher access privilege will not be shown.

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