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CMSList Plus

Core Features

This page is an example of a dashboard.

Advanced Features

*Documentation coming soon.

CMSList File Manager
  • File Manager lets you decouple completely from the WordPress’ Media Library, so you can organize your files more intuitively… per post! Even host it physically elsewhere. Manage files through the post editor or form front-end. You never have to share direct file links again (if you don’t want to)!

SAMPLE: External Links

List of external links.

SAMPLE: Recent Post

Expose recent category posts.

Image & File Gallery
  • CMSList+ has a built-in responsive image gallery, file lists and other file sharing options as a component of File Manager.

View Features

Content rendering features.

  • Every feature of CMSList+ follows a security rule. So each audience can only consume what’s intended for them. (Update: Jan. 18, 2022)

This is an example of a CMS List dashboard optimized for mobile and desktop devices. Check out the other layouts in the Dashboard panel.

This closed sandbox doesn’t utilize any third-party tracking tech, or any form of tracking for that matter.

It only has WordPress’ standard cookies which is needed by Administrators to login.

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